What is IRC?

IRC is a protocol used for real time group chat. ComSSA operates an IRC server on the UniIRC network, which is where the computing societies at Perth’s four public universities connect and chat! A lot of ComSSA’s members use the IRC channel to communicate with one another, and it’s definitely worth joining.

Use our web client

ComSSA provides a web client for people who are new to IRC. It’s clean and easy to use: simply direct your browser to, enter a nickname of your choice, and type in #ComSSA for the channel.

Be warned, you’ll disconnect when you close the browser, so it’s a good idea to use your own client if you plan on visiting often.

Use your own client

We recommend that you use your own IRC client, as it makes IRC a lot easier to use, and native IRC clients are a lot more flexible when it comes to customisation to fit your needs.

If you already have an IRC client set up, here are our server and channel details:

IRC clients are available for all popular platforms, and even some of the other platforms. Here are a few recommendations:

Once you have a client installed, use this link to go straight to the ComSSA channel. If that doesn’t work, use the connection information provided above to add a new server; if your client doesn’t provide a facility to choose a channel to join, try typing /join #ComSSA into the message box.