What is DreamSpark?

DreamSpark is a Microsoft programme which provides students with a wide range of Microsoft software, such as Windows and Visual Studio, at no charge. ComSSA manages a DreamSpark Premium subscription on behalf of the Department of Computing, so we’re the people to ask for license keys!

How can I get license keys?

ComSSA is currently building a new DreamSpark portal to give eligible students self-serve access to DreamSpark products. Whilst construction is underway, we ask that you email the committee and tell us what you’re after.

Am I eligible?

It’s very likely that you are. If you’re currently studying any course or unit run by the Department of Computing this semester, then you are eligible for full access to our suite of DreamSpark software.

What do I get?

We have a list of software on our wiki or you can also contact a committee member on the lists.

Are there any conditions?

Of course!

These rules are all based on our legal obligations to Microsoft, and we can’t budge on them. Sorry!