Member services

Pool table

Our pool table is also available on the ground floor of the Engineering Pavilion, open to be played on by anyone with a $1 coin.

Pool Table

Microsoft DreamSpark

Microsoft provides students with a wide range of software licences for no charge, including Windows and Visual Studio. ComSSA manages a DreamSpark Premium subscription on behalf of the Department of Computing, so we’re the people to talk to if you want to get your hands on a bunch of free Microsoft software.

Unix shell accounts

Members are eligible to receive a free shell account on our Linux servers to run mission-critical applications like cmatrix and cowsay, send and receive email, and host simple websites. If you wish to have an account setup, send us an email expressing interest and we’ll get you all set up.

Unit materials, iLectures, and past exams

Some of our members have archived unit media distributed via Blackboard and Echo360. Most of these units are in the departments of Computing or Mathematics. While not all units are available, we’re always happy to share what we have with our members for no charge.


ComSSA provides an IRC channel for members to talk to each other in real time! If you have an IRC client, join our network! If you don’t, we have a web chat service, as well as more details on how to connect using your own client if you so desire.