Minutes for 2018-02-17

What: ComSSA Meeting

Venue: 314.217

Date: 2018-02-17

Start: 1:04pm






Old Minutes

Old Action Items

Jeremy: talk to Amy about allowing committee that aren’t tutors in tutor’s office

Sam: talk to Ashtyn about progress on Grill The Department

Jeremy - order laptop stickers

Christian - pick a date for the EY recruitment event

Jeremy - renew sponsorship for Altronics

Sam - create a google drive folder for photos (poster)

Everyone - take a photo for committee poster

Sam - email Hannes for staff meeting

Jorel: talk to LukeM and LukeH about the common maintenance needed for pool table

Isaac & Jeremy : book room and fill in EMP for Atlassian Recruitment Talk

Jean: Will need to change the contact details for pool table

Treasury Report

Agenda Items

2018 Budget, and other Treasury stuff


Computing Orientation

Website and TidyHQ need updating

Pool Table Maintenance

Lab Posters

Lab Clean

Past Events

Upcoming Events

O Week - Club Day - 21 Feb

Grill the Department - 7 Mar

Atlassian Recruitment Talk - 14 Mar

EY Recruitment event

General Discussion


New Action Items

Next Meeting

Finish: 1:26pm