Minutes for SGM 2015-04-29

Venue: 216.117

Meeting Start: 12:42 p.m.

General Questions

Constitution Changes

Change 0: Spelling and grammar ammendments

Change 1: Definition of Simple and Absolute Majorities

Change 2: Guild Compliance

Change 3: Decision of membership pricing

Ammendment proposed to prevent sharp increases

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Change 4: Cap of event price raised

Change 7: Removal of fulltime study requirement for committee role

Amendment proposed to prevent poor committee representation on campus

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Change 14: Modification to how members of committee are stripped of roles

Ammendment proposed that a Simple Majority vote must be held in order to decide whether to eject a committee member during procedings

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Following changes voted in en bloc:

* 18 - 5 - 2
* Motion carries
* Note: no 'Change 5' exists, clerical error was made in enumeration of changes on github

Voting on Committee


Vice President



Meeting End: 2:03 p.m.