About ComSSA

For as long as Curtin University has had a computer science course, ComSSA has been the second family to many computing students and enthusiasts alike.

Our aim is to foster a thriving community of future and active computing professionals, provide a place for like-minded members to study, connect, and enjoy university life, and represent students in any issues they may have with the Department of Computing or the university as a whole.

Our constitution outlines the rules by which ComSSA runs, and feel free to read through any of our meeting minutes.

Committee members

Executive Committee Members
President Nehal Ghuman
Vice President Ashtyn Antulov
Treasurer Issac Waugh
Secretary Yi Juin Lim
Ordinary Committee Members
Christian Brunette Jim Dawes
Simeon Leatherland Jor-el Paddick
Lincoln Short Jeremy Ciccarelli
Sam Bray


ComSSA shares knowledge and runs joint events with three of the major computing clubs at neighbouring universities, bringing together our student communities.