ComSSA has been a second family to many computing students and enthusiasts alike, being the biggest Computing orientated club at Curtin.

Our aim as a club is to:

  • Foster a thriving community of future and active computing professionals and programming enthusiasts.
  • Provide a place for students and members with similar interests to study, connect, and enjoy university life.
  • Provide computing students and our members with opportunities and resources to further their professional development. Some of these opportunities include networking with industry professionals and running workshops that expose students to industry-relevant technology.

Our constitution outlines the rules by which ComSSA runs. The ComSSA committee is made up of executive committee members and ordinary committee members.

Committee Members

Executive Committee Members

Augustine Italiano
Tina Phan
Vice President
Matthew Di Marco
Laura Harris

Ordinary Committee Members

Anurag Singh
Benjamin Caudwell
Ben Heely
Bryan Wong
Haley Workman
Kevin Tanaka
Peter Sessarego
Sophie Lee-Goh
Tanaka Chitete
Warittha Rayabsri